Metal Colors

What Colors are Available?

All-Color Powder Coating, Inc. stocks a wide variety of powders that can be used to finish your products. We have the ability to custom order powders to fit your special powder coating needs. Powders are available in an unlimited number of colors. Most colors are available in a wide gloss range from a dull matte finish to a shiny high gloss finish. Many powders are available in a number of different textures. Since powders are formulated to meet different sets of functional requirements, you will want to examine the end use of your product to ensure proper powder selection. Call or contact us and we will help you find the powder that will work best for you. Because we have such a wide variety of powders to choose from, we recommend paying a visit to our facility to make your final powder selection.
 All Color Powder Coating offers thousands of color options for coating Metal Substrates

Color Charts

Click on the powder supplier logo below to link to some of the main powder suppliersā€™ websites that we use. This can help you choose the right powder for your project.  You may also stop by our facility to see the colors we normally have in-stock.

Click here to go to the Sherwin-Williams color chart           No online color chart available at this time

 Click here to go to the Tiger color charts               Click here to go to the Axalta color charts